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About us

Operations across LATAM that are uniquely local

By registering with regional authorities and using local infrastructure, we can offer better prices and more convenient payment options while remaining fully regulated.


Local Regulatory Infrastructure

Rio offers operations for digital and fiat assets, along with local compliance support. No need for your company to deploy back office and operations in every country.


Robust AML Procedures

Our compliance system ensures that our business customers and their legal representatives have a high reputation. Additionally, we monitor all transactions to prevent money laundering.


Optimized Liquidity Network

We achieve programmatic interoperability between traditional and digital assets by leveraging our banking relationships throughout LATAM.


Built for Developers

Our APIs are designed to be integrated quickly and easily into your existing application


Domestic Banking Rails

Domestic banking is the most efficient and cost effective mechanism for money disbursement and collection in LATAM.


Fast Settlements

We leverage our banking relationships in LATAM network to settle orders in a matter of minutes.

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About us

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